Anaesthesia & Airway Manangement


Endobronchial and Endotracheal Tubes, Masks and related anaesthetic and airway management devices, either single use or traditional reusable rubber.


Single Lung Ventilation
Devices for use in cardio-thoracic and related specialities where LUNG ISOLATION is required

Bougies & Stylets
Single use devices with or without oxygenation lumen

Endotracheal Tubes
A comprehensive range of endotracheal tubes

Laryngeal Masks (video/standard)
Wide range including both PVC and silicone. Includes the Totaltrack VLM system.

Temperature Management
Temperature probes and the CLINITREND moving-line adhesive range

Rebreathing Bags
Traditional rubber or latex-free

Anaesthesia Miscellaneous
Soda Lime and a range of ancilliary products for use in anaesthesia

A comprehensive range of anaesthetic tubing

Ventilation Fixations and Accessories
The Novo range of innovative Tube Holders and similar devices for enhanced care of intubated and ventilated patients



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