Functional Neurosurgery

18DBS | Advance™ Deep Brain Stimulation Therapy System


Advanced IPG technology
DBS | Advance IPGs deliver long term therapy, minimizing therapy interruptions and potentially reducing the number of IPG replacement surgeries:
The Brio™ rechargeable IPG delivers a minimum of 10 years sustained therapy at high stimulation settings with no manufacturer-imposed shut-off date.
The Libra™ and LibraXP™ IPGs have the highest battery capacity in their respective classes – 40% more than their closest alternatives.
All DBS | Advance IPGs are designed to deliver consistent, effective therapy to patients without sacrificing IPG longevity.

Improved therapy compliance
The Brio rechargeable IPG provides simple and reliable recharging:
Large coupling target makes it easy to establish and maintain optimal coupling at depths of up to 2.5 cm.
Fast recharging.
Long intervals between recharges.

Sustaining effective therapy
DBS | Advance constant current technology regulates current to automatically compensate for changes in tissue impedance:
Stimulation is continuously monitored, and adjusted within microseconds, to maintain a consistent volume of tissue activated.
Consistent stimulation over the long-term may reduce the need for re-programming visits.





inomed planning software - iPS
Accurate and precise planning is essential for all forms of neurosurgery that require targeting structures in the brain. For example, targeting the STN for DBS procedures requires that the target is identified and a precise and accurate trajectory is defined for use with stereotactic devices >>. In order to achieve this, it is essential that a high-precision and easy-to-use planning tool is employed. The inomed iPS software is such a tool, enabling the clinician to easily assemble all of the necessary imaging modalities and create an optimum set of planning coordinates to target the area of interest.
State-of-the-art imaging techniques in combination with developments in the field of IT have led to breakthroughs in stereotactic and functional neurosurgery. These technologies have enabled accurate and tissue-sparing interventions in the human brain. All the planning tasks are carried out by the inomed iPS planning system.

PACS connectivity
DICOM import and export
Automatic image fusion
3D simulation
Visualization of electrodes
Anatomical atlases
Supports all imaging systems
Post-operative checks

Stereotactic target planning
Biopsy planning





Stereotactic systems from inomed
inomed continues the tradition of uncompromising precision in stereotactic tools
Modern functional neurosurgery procedures are now so minimally invasive that they have to be planned and performed with the highest degree of precision. The inomed stereotactic systems are defined by their reliability, precision and stability in their overall function. The fact that the work of the surgeon and the OR team is so simplified - because inomed’s systems are so easy to operate - is one of the qualities of inomed’s stereotactic systems that our customers appreciate most.
To date, there are no other systems on the market that are more convenient or have higher precision than the stereotactic systems created by inomed. The following reasons will help to explain why

RM – the most accurate stereotactic system in the world High-precision from Germany: The inomed RM system

The Riechert Mundinger (RM) system is the only stereotactic system on the market with three fixation points. This gives the device a very high level of stability and precision. The RM is regarded to be the most precise stereotactic system in the world and, with its unique design, provides uncompromised accuracy in stereotactic surgery.
The RM system from inomed is based on the polar coordinate principle. This concept was developed by the two well-known stereotactic experts, Prof. Traugott Riechert and Prof. Fritz Mundinger. The RM aiming arm with its probe mount delivers a high level of mechanical precision. A wide range of accessories ensure that the RM system delivers universal application for the modern stereotaxy service.

Polar coordinate system, with 5 setting parameters allowing for extremely high precision
Three fixation points for unmatched stability
Trepanation in the target direction
MicroDrive with depth sensor for micro-electrode recording (MER)




The inomed target point simulator – Stereotaxic phantom
Recommended by leading neurosurgeons – inomed target point simulator (Phantom)
The stereotactic target point simulator from inomed, also referred to as a phantom, is a unique product and only available from inomed. Professors Riechert and Mundinger, globally recognized pioneers in neurosurgery, have developed the phantom alongside the development of the RM >> stereotactic system. The target point simulator has become internationally established and is regarded by leading neurosurgeons to be an essential and recommended tool for planning and conducting complex operations on the brain. The use of the phantom becomes especially significant for the highly complex neuromodulation (DBS) techniques.

Patient-customized checking of target points
The setting of the stereotactic system in relation to the patient's target point is guaranteed to be accurate and correct for the given coordinates
Faulty instruments are detected before being used
Perfect for training beginners
X, Y and Z axes can be set for the patient-specific target point


Target point verification for the stereotactic system and instruments





Stereotactic biopsy for the brain

inomed delivers the best instrument for every biopsy requirements
When the diagnosis of a brain tumor is uncertain, a stereotactic biopsy can provide clarity and confidence. To ensure that such clarity and confidence is delivered during a biopsy, inomed offers a sophisticated set of biopsy instruments for intra-operative stereotactic surgery >>.
From an evidence-based perspective, histopathological diagnosis of a brain tumor is the method with the highest accuracy rate for classifying a tumor. In this sense, stereotactic biopsy is the best method of treatment, especially for smaller and more deeply-seated lesions. This is considered to be the best way to classify a lesion accurately, and only this way can each and every patient receive the optimal treatment for their specific disease.
Zamorano-Duchovny (ZD)
Riechert-Mundinger (RM)
CRW Radionics

Available as single-use or reusable instruments
Available as forceps, probe or needle
Working length 190 mm or 280 mm






The inomed ISIS Micro Electrode Recording (MER) system
inomed ISIS MER - The most compact and intuitive MER system available
Deep brain recording and stimulation or extracellular recording in other regions of the brain is potentially a high-risk intervention requiring a precise and systematic approach. The ISIS MER system is a self-contained, micro-electrode recording system that provides all of the hardware and software elements necessary for targeted measurement in MER and neuromodulation >> techniques. The ISIS MER system can be configured for a wide range of applications and is designed to be easy and intuitive to use.
ISIS MER System: Modularity in neurosurgery

5 MER channels for recording and stimulation
Up to 16 EMG channels
Intuitive and easy to use
Upgradeable with additional functions and additional ISIS USB headboxes
High-quality loudspeakers
Online analysis functions
Depth sensor for electrode position display

Target localization for extracellular recording and deep brain stimulation
Recording and localization of the core area in case of lesions
MSV – MicroDrive for deep brain recording and stimulation





inomed MicroDrive A mechanical masterpiece
This is the fourth generation of the sophisticated high-precision instrument used by surgeons and medical professionals around the world to position electrodes during stereotactic interventions and in deep brain stimulation.
The inomed MicroDrive was developed in cooperation with leading international practitioners and experts. The resulting standards and specifications set by the experts were extremely high. inomed has delivered on the specifications required and achieved mechanical precision delivering unique performance. The inomed MicroDrive is known to most specialists in the field and the device is favored for deep brain recording and stimulation applications.
Professionals and subject matter experts use the MicroDrive routinely. Using the inomed MicroDrive delivers the best possible neurophysiologically targeted diagnostics (deep brain recording and stimulation).

Implanting of DBS electrodes from Medtronic® , St. Jude® and Boston Scientific®
Positioning resolution of 50 µm
Tactile feedback after one complete turn (0.5mm)
Optional depth sensor available

Deep Brain Stimulation
Recording and localization of the core area in the case of lesions
Micropositioning of other probes and electrodes





Streamline purchasing of stereotactic software and DBS implant needs
Provision of innovative technology, including iPlan® Stereotaxy, Fibertracking or upgrades from iPlan to Elements as well as future versions of stereotactic planning software
Potential support for customers looking to purchase other capital equipment such as the Airo Mobile Intraoperative CT scanner, BUZZ Digital OR or Curve Image-Guided Surgery

Complete functional pre-planning without localized data sets
“Set AC/PC system” functionality for intuitive adjustment in reconstructed views
Fusion of localized data sets to non-localized plans at any time
Supports frameless and frame-based procedures (Radionics, Leksell and Leibinger frames)
Supports localization of functional areas for Deep Brain Stimulations (DBS)
Compatible with iPlan Fibertracking

In combination with anatomical mapping and fibertracking
2D and 3D visualization of objects, leads and fibers




Free definition of trajectory shape including sharp, round and blunt tips and segments
DICOM coordinates for precise target and entry placement
Inline and perpendicular views for avoidance of critical structures




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