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Cefaly: Treatment and prevention of migraine headaches

Fast and simple

A self-adhesive electrode is placed on the forehead. The Cefaly device is worn like a pair of spectacles, and once in position it connects to the electrode. When the button is pressed, the 20-minute course of treatment is delivered

Cefaly works on the trigeminal nerve
Cefaly is the first external trigeminal neurostimulator. Cefaly works by stimulating the trigeminal nerve utiliz¬ing an electrode that is applied to the forehead. This is where the two essential branches of the trigeminal nerve (supratrochlear and supraorbital) extend fur¬thest to the surface of the skin.

Less need for medication

Cefaly can help break the vicious cycle of medication use.

The more medication intake the more the patient be¬comes immune to the medication reducing its effec¬tiveness and resulting in more migraine occurrences. In addition, Cefaly has reported side effects of only 4.3% in patients vs. 50% (avg. used for typical oral medications prescribed for migraines.


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