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Lokomat® – Robotic Gait Therapy

The Lokomat assists walking movements of gait-impaired patients and is used to improve mobility in individuals following stroke, spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy as well as other neurological diseases and injuries.

Lokomat therapy means efficient, high-intensity gait training aimed at restoring walking with a physiological gait

It enables you to treat more patients and to increase independence in walking.
Scientifically proven to enhance therapy outcomes and trusted by rehabilitation centers worldwide, it supports, challenges and motivates your patients.






Armeo® Therapy Concept – Arm and Hand Therapy

Training with the Armeo significantly improves the eff›iciency of therapy through self-initiated, self-directed, functional and intense exercises. Even severely impaired patients can practice independently, without the constant presence of a therapist, allowing individuals to exploit their full potential for recovery.

The Armeo Therapy Concept combines the world's most widely used advanced arm and hand rehabilitation product line and has enabled many patients regain function after neurological injury. It is a clinically effective therapy solution, which increases the intensity of rehabilitation, with more repetitions at higher active patient effort.








Erigo® – Innovation for Early Rehabilitation Programs

The ErigoPro further improves mobilization of patients with circulatory, neurological, or musculoskeletal conditions by supporting the stimulation of the patient with the integrated Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES). The ErigoPro is the ideal addition to acute care early rehabilitation programs and offers further benefits and therapy options in clinical routine.

The electrical stimulation is an established method for targeted muscle activation. By adhering electrodes to the skin, nerve endings are stimulated with electricity causing a contraction and activation of muscles that cannot be controlled actively due to a neurological disfunction. Combined with cyclic movement training, the Erigo FES effi›ciently supports the increase of blood flow in the patient’s

lower extremities, which helps to maintain the stroke volume and blood pressure, therefore further improving the orthostatic tolerance during early verticalization.

1. It has also been shown that the therapy with the Erigo FES improves the cerebral blood flow and the muscle strength in lower extremities.

2.  This can specifically support recovery of leg muscle function. 





Valedo® Therapy Concept – For a Healthy Back 

The ValedoShape, ValedoMotion and Valedo are complementary solutions for a healthy back and oš er a continuous solution from spine assessment to therapy in the clinic and at home.

The Valedo Therapy Concept is the ideal addition to back pain treatment oš ering clinical assessments and functional exercise training.

The ValedoShape is a non-invasive assessment device for an accurate analysis of the spine. It documents the therapy prog- ress rapidly and precisely, which is crucial for deciding on a suitable and effcient  course of therapy.

The ValedoMotion en- hances back therapy using innovative sensor technology. It as- sists therapists in improving their patients' motor control and movement awareness. Valedo is an ideal and reliable tool for enhancing the treatment of patients suffering from back pain and helps to redevelop back muscles.


 The effective and mo- tivating exercises improve patient compliance, and the mobile and portable design allow patients to complete exercises at home, work and even when traveling.


XENON2 - Active Wheel Chairs







How do you achieve a folding wheelchair that weighs
as little as 8.8 kg? By using premium frame materials like
aerospace-grade aluminium and an innovative process
that’s unique only to Quickie – ShapeLoc Technology.
By heat-treating the aluminium, we’re able to increase its strength, which
allows for the frame’s tube walls to be thinner, lighter and stronger than a
conventional folding wheelchair. Just feel it...

At the core of the Xenon2 is a unique cross-brace that
fits so neatly under the seat it’s barely noticeable – giving
a very minimalistic, open-frame feel that you’d usually
associate with a rigid wheelchair.







Electric Wheel Chairs


Smooth, safe and comfortable ride across
multiple terrains. The innovative SpiderTrac®
suspension provides many benefits with
one mechanism.

SpiderTrac® suspension is a gas suspension system used to dampen
the impact without adding pressure to the castors. By maximising
the articulation range of the front and rear castors, the Jive M has a
spider-like ability to crawl smoothly onto and over steep transitions –
so when you’re ascending or descending a kerb, the gas dampener
cushions the impact of the castor wheel. This ensures not only
super-smooth transitions without jolts, jarring and forward pitching
but also keeps you seated in a horizontal position.

Because the suspension on the front and rear castors is linked,
they move in an opposite direction to compensate for drive wheel
movement. So when you’re transitioning a slope (or driving from
the floor up a car ramp) every wheel maintains contact with the
ground, maximising traction. The gas suspension is also used to
absorb shock for both castors, providing a more comfortable ride
on uneven terrain. You really have to try it to believe it.

As you don‘t need to consider additional space for swinging your
chair around, the JIVE UP is more intuitive to drive – ideal for
those who may have difficulty driving a powered wheelchair or
using switches or head controls. Your seated position also adds
more weight on the drive wheel – perfect for increasing traction
and decreasing sliding when outdoors.


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