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Thermolesion with the Neuro N50


Interventional pain therapy uses minimally invasive procedures such as thermolesion or cryotherapy with the aim of achieving a prolonged reduction of chronic pain through selective disruption or modification of the pain pathways of the affected nerves. This is carried out either by targeted drug injections or the interruption of pain transmission by minimally invasive neurodestructive procedures (e.g. thermolesion).

Features of the Neuro N50 for thermolesion
• Continuous current or continuous voltage stimulator 0-10 mA or 0-10 V
• Monophasic or alternating square-wave pulse
• Stimulation frequency adjustable from 0.1 - 999.9 Hz
• Stimulation pulse duration adjustable from 0.1-99.99 ms
• Temperature adjustable from 35-120°C
• Lesion time adjustable from 0.1-999.9 s
• Pulse mode available
• Impedance measurement
• Quick switching between two parallel connected electrodes
• Coagulation control using a footswitch
• Automatic temperature control optimized individually for each probe and adjusted to the various thermal properties of the probes
• Programmable temperature rise ramp of 0.02°C/s to 50°C/s

Applications of thermolesion
• Selective facet denervation
• Thermolesion >> of the Gasserian ganglion and pterygopalatine ganglion
• Pain therapeutic interventions on peripheral nerves and nerve roots
• Thermolesion of Ramus communicans
• Sympathetic blocks
• Rhizotomy
• DREZ lesion
• Chordotomy





C3 CryoSystem for cryotherapy

Freeze pain with the C3 CryoSystem
Using cryotherapy (cryolesion) techniques, the inomed C3 CryoSystem allows the pain therapist to "put the pain on ice". Effective treatment of pain has been the goal for clinicians and pain treatment experts throughout human history. Both acute and chronic pains represent a huge challenge for patients, as well as their clinicians, and diminishes the patient’s quality of life. The pain-relieving effect of cold has been known since ancient times. By building on the past and using the latest advances in cryotechnology and pain relief, patients and clinicians are now choosing the state-of-the-art inomed C3 CryoSystem for cryotherapy and pain treatment.

Features of the C3 CryoSystem for cryotherapy:
• Intuitive and easy to use
• User-friendly menu navigation
• The entire cryotherapy treatment and documentation process can be carried out with the footswitch (optional)
• Integrated electrical stimulator (motor and sensory stimulation)
• Excellent low-temperature (cryo) results
• Automatic control and regulation of all relevant parameters, such as gas flow and pressure
• Automatic purging procedure
• Patient management system
• Treatment report with comments
• Documentation of all functions used, including stimulation and cryo processes
• Barcode reader for patient identification
• Device communication via USB
• Data import and export
• Connection to a printer

Applications for Cryotherapy
The main indication for cryotherapy is treatment-resistant, chronic pain in the spinal column region, most commonly lumbar facet syndrome. Additionally, they include:
Facet syndrome

• Pseudoradicular postnucleotomy syndrome (radiating pain after disc surgery)
• Discogenic pain without disc herniation (nucleus pulposus prolapse)
• Coccygodynia (pain in the coccyx)
• Post-thoracotomy pain
• Primary and secondary intercostal neuralgia
• Neuroma-related pain syndromes

This technique offers significant pain relief lasting several months, while additional treatment procedures, such as physiotherapy, can ensure further and continued pain relief. The cryotherapy

procedure can be repeated at any time


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