Theatre Disposables



Camera Drapes

High–Definition Camera Drape
Quick Change Camera Drape
Concentric Ring Style
Telescopic Style
Concertina Style
Flat Folded Style
Laparoscopic Instrument Pouch


Peripheral Thrombectomy Devices





Microscope Drapes

ZEISS OPMI microscopes (objective lens 48mm o/dia)
ZEISS MD microscopes (objective lens 65mm o/dia)
LEICA/WILD microscopes (objective lens 70mm o/dia)
Microscope Drapes, Universal Fitting
Objective Lens Cover
Microscope Handle Drapes









Ultrasound Probe Drapes

Telescopic style
Flat folded style








C-Arm Drapes

C-Arm Fluoroscope Drape
C-Arm Drape, Extra Large
C-Arm Drape, Side Opening
C-Arm Drape, Full Size










Surgical Accessories

Disposafe Sharps Mat
Disposafe Plus
Cautery Tip Cleaning Pad
Surgical Skin Marker






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