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Peripheral Thrombectomy Devices




Indigo® System

Penumbra’s Indigo® Mechanical Thrombectomy System can be used to remove emboli and thrombi from vessels of the peripheral arterial and venous systems. A minimally-invasive device, Indigo enables the rapid restoration of blood flow in such cases as acute limb ischemia and deep vein thrombosis.

The Indigo Aspiration System is comprised of several devices:

Indigo Mechanical Thrombectomy Catheter
Penumbra Pump MAX™
Indigo Pump/Canister
Indigo Aspiration Tubing
Indigo Separator™

Our Continuous Aspiration Mechanical Thrombectomy (CAT) catheters deliver high level, continuous suction to remove thrombi and emboli from even distal anatomy. Our CAT catheters are robust, durable, trackable, and extremely well suited to the peripheral anatomy, where clots often form in long segments.

The Indigo Separator can be used in tandem with the corresponding CAT catheter to break up resistant clot in the lumen of the catheter.

Indigo has been applied to numerous cases, including use as a first-line therapy; the revascularization of visceral arteries; upper extremity revascularization in the brachial, radial, ulnar, and digital arteries; as well as rescue revascularization following failed revascularization or embolic showering during angioplasty mechanical thrombectomy and thrombolytic infusion. 






Continuous Aspiration Mechanical Thrombectomy Catheters (CAT)

Continuous Aspiration Mechanical Thrombectomy Catheters (CAT) are the foundation of Penumbra’s Indigo® System. The four catheters—CAT3, 5, 6, & 8—are robust, durable, trackable, and suited for the peripheral anatomy. Available in a selection of sizes, the CAT family can provide access to distal peripheral vessels of the upper and lower extremities, including below the knee.

The Indigo System is cleared for use in the vessels of both the peripheral arterial and venous systems.

CAT Features:
Mechanical clot engagement
Large lumen aspiration
Tip directionality for circumferential aspiration
Advanced tracking technology
Multiple material transitions

CAT Specs:

Tip Shapes — Straight (85 cm), Torq (85 cm), XTorq (115 cm)
CAT6—6.0F (135 cm)
CAT5—5.0F (132 cm)
CAT3—3.4F (150 cm)






Indigo® System Separator™

The Penumbra Indigo® System Separator™ is intended for use with our Indigo System’s Continuous Aspiration Mechanical Thrombectomy (CAT) catheter to aid in the removal of clot from peripheral vessels.

The Indigo Separator is advanced and retracted through the CAT catheter at the proximal margin of the primary occlusion to facilitate clearing of the thrombus from the catheter tip.

The Indigo System with the Separator enables a wide range of clot morphology to be removed from the body.

SEP Sizes:
SEP8 (150 cm)
SEP6 (175 cm)
SEP5 (175 cm)
SEP3 (190 cm)








Ruby® Coil

The Ruby® Coil System is a large-volume coil that can be delivered through a high-flow microcatheter. Indicated for arterial and venous embolization in the peripheral vasculature, Ruby Coil’s characteristic softness allows the coil to densely pack aneurysms and vessels in a variety of clinical applications.

Ruby Coil allows physicians to use longer and larger embolic devices, potentially reducing procedural time and total number of devices required. Ruby Coil has two softness levels, Standard and Soft, and can be repositioned to achieve ideal placement. The Ruby Coil is deployed using the one-click, instant, mechanical detachment handle.

Large-volume coil (.020" diameter)
Long lengths (up to 60 cm) for efficient embolization
Multiple levels of softness allow for tight packing without catheter kick out
Fully resheathable and detachable
High-flow microcatheter compatible




Neurovascular Embolization





The POD System

The POD® (Penumbra Occlusion Device) System is comprised of POD®and POD® Packing Coil.

Unlike conventional vascular plugs, POD is a highly trackable, vessel sacrifice solution delivered through a high-flow microcatheter. POD can be used for arterial and venous embolization in the arteries and veins in the peripheral vasculature.

The POD device uses proprietary technology to anchor in high-flow vessels. Proximal to the robust anchoring segment, the coil transitions into a soft packing segment, creating a dense occlusion at the point of deployment.

POD Packing Coil
POD Packing Coil is a soft, shapeless coil able to conform to a variety of vessel sizes. POD Packing Coil packs densely behind a POD or Ruby®Coil backstop and is available in 15 cm, 30 cm, 45 cm, 60 cm length options.





The Penumbra LANTERN® Delivery Microcatheter is a low-profile microcatheter with a high-flow lumen. Its coil wound construction enables confident large-volume coil delivery. LANTERN also offers a catheter shaft constructed with 8 transition zones for advanced trackability.

LANTERN features a radiopaque distal shaft for enhanced visibility and dual distal marker bands for confident and precise coil deployment in tortuous anatomy.

6F, low-profile OD, .025" high-flow lumen
Available lengths—115 cm, 135 cm, 150 cm
Dual distal marker bands 3 cm apart facilitate precise coil deployment
Radiopaque distal 3 cm for enhanced visibility

Pre-shaped tip options—Straight, 45o, 90o



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